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Northland News

Northland News is the page to find current Press Releases, current Published News Articles and Advertisements and Archived News & Highlights of the Northland 300 and Special Events.



On Saturday, September 24, 2016 at the Pentages Theatre, the participants of the Northland 300 received the award for the 2016 Outstanding Non Profit Organization of the year Award. Steven Eull made the introduction and Mike Richards accepted the award on behalf of the Northland 300.

Press Releases

Press Releases and advertisements of the Northland 300 and Special Events are submitted periodically to publications.  If you are looking for a press release to submit to a local publication, you will find it here.

Jan 18, 2015 

Jan 31, 2014

Mesabi Daily News - 'The Northland 300 is never cancelled'

Snowmobilers Are An Inspiration to All

 Jan 07, 2014

Quarter Century of Snowmobiling Inspires New Flame - Grand Ely Lodge - Gold Supporter

 Jan 07, 2014

Quarter Century of Snowmobiling Inspires New Flame

 Sept 10, 2013

26 Years of... Riding for Champions

 Aug 08, 2013

Northland 300 26th Anniversary Ad

 Feb 01, 2013

25 Years of Hitting the Trails with Care

 Jan 13, 2013

Northland 300 Night Time Opening Ceremony at Grand Ely Lodge

 Jan 10, 2013

Ski-Doo Demo Rides... Grand Ely Lodge


Published News


Enjoy news about Northland 300 events, participants, and much more...


Here is a nice article on our very own Steven Eull featured in the blog Life in Minnesota, by RyanC:

Meet Special Olympic Athlete Steven Eull

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

- Special Olympics Athlete Oath -

LIM_NEWS.Steven-Eull-mn. special olympics

Steven Eull of Mahtomedi is a dedicated Special Olympic champion who began his athletic career when he was 7 years old. Recently, family and friends joined him in celebrating his 30th birthday at the Mall Of America. Steven lives with Down Syndrome, however that is not what defines this young man. Steven is a morning person, and everyday he rises at dawn ready to read the newspaper from cover to cover. Those who know him can attest to his charismatic personality. He is an honest, strong, caring, and very friendly person. Most of all, Steven is highly passionate about his involvement in Special Olympics and the success of his teammates.

Special Olympics brings over 4.4 million athletes together from more than 170 countries. It offers life skills to each participant through trials of winning, losing, being a part of a team, and the joys of reaching personal goals. For the past 23 years Steven has embraced his skill sets through sports offered in Special Olympics such as swimming, track and field, golf, softball, skiing, basketball, bowling, and flag football. Bowling is the favorite among most athletes because it is more of a social time for the players. His eyes light up as he eagerly announces the new sport being introduced to Special Olympics, powerlifting! “I just started powerlifting. My cousin helps as my coach. It’s really exciting!” said Steven. He has been working hard training with his coaches and he is currently lifting 100 pounds! Steven has numerous medals hanging on his family room wall. In 2001 he was honored by being chosen as the Special Olympic Athlete Of The Year. Steven has quite the group in his corner cheering him on and in turn he continues to encourage the other athletes who are also his friends. As much as his life revolves around competitive sports, he also works two jobs (ESR and Target), goes to the gym daily, and takes part in additional outdoor activities, like the Northland 300 and the 2015 Polar Plunge!

Steven All Set For The Polar Plunge!

Steven Polar Plunge

The Northland 300 is a 3-day, charitable snowmobile ride, made up of volunteer participants who raise funds to support the Special Olympics of Minnesota. In 2009, Steven was the first Special Olympic athlete to join the Northland 300 snowmobile trip. He describes the event, “It’s a guys trip. We stay in a lodge and on our free day we drive around Ely”. Although he proclaims this as his guy trip, his mother Patsy Eull volunteers for the Northland 300 as a care van aid. The trip begins in Two Harbors traveling North 150 miles for an overnight stay in Ely. After a day of fun they continue their journey back to Two Harbors, making an overall 300 mile trip. He looks forward to the adventure with his coach and dear friend Jason Reinsch every year. The ride has raised over $4 million dollars and 100% of the funds from the Northland 300 is given to support Special Olympics of Minnesota.

It doesn’t take long to realize that Steven’s life has been a series of adventures that have made him a man who is rich in relationships, a champion in physical endurance, successful in facing his fears, and willing to take risks. He lives a very special life that brings happiness to those who are blessed to be in his company.





Snowmobilers raise funds and hopes along the trail

Article published in Access Press (March 10, 2014)



Northland 300 Participant Mike Townsend, Northern Cruisers Car Club Donate

Article published in the Grand Rapids Herald Review (January 27, 2014)




Northland 300, Quarter Century of Snowmobiling Inspires New Flame

Article published on MN United Snowmobilers Assocation website at

(January 22, 2014)



Northland 300, Ready! Sled! GO!

Article published in the Lake County News Chronicle (January 17, 2014)




Remembering Billy Meister, Northland 300 Snowmobiler and Friend

By Kathy Karkula (March 2013)




I can remember Pooker asking what age his son had to be to come on the Northland 300.  At 21, he magically appeared on the ride and there could be no one more proud than Pooker and me.


2013 marked the 2nd Northland 300 that Billy Meister participated and this time, the Baker's Dozen was his goal.  By the Awards Ceremony announcements, Billy achieved his goal.  He came in 3rd place raising a total of $4,575 for the athletes of Special Olympics Minnesota.  Billy understood what the Northland 300 was all about.  It was about safe and responsible snowmobiling and it was about fundraising for Special Olympics.  He accomplished it all and he did it well.


Then on February 16, 2013, a fatal snowmobiling accident took place and we lost one of our fellow Northland 300 snowmobilers.  It is hard to write this when we can all remember Billy getting the "high fives" from all those on the Baker's Dozen as his name was read.  We will never know what actually took place that Saturday but we do know that we will miss 22 year old Billy Meister.


Everything was beautiful in sending Billy Meister to Heaven and to keep his memory alive.  From the Northland 300's view, he will be commemorated with a new torch with his name engraved.  Thanks to Janel Vorel and her Birthday Fundraiser at Meister's Bar and Grill on March 22.  This new torch will help carry on the memory as we use it at our Opening Ceremonies.  The torch bearing athlete will be accompanied by Pooker Meister to dedicate this loving memory.


Billy was registered for the 2014 Northland 300 and we will be paying respects to his memory on the 2014 ride also.


Kathy Karkula


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